Senior Loved One During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID19 pandemic is a particularly distressing time for senior loved ones. The best you can do is practice physical distancing and hire a caregiver.

How to Look After A Senior Loved One During the Coronavirus Pandemic

A senior loved one practicing physical distancing

The COVID19 pandemic has bought unprecedented apprehension and anxiety for people of all ages, but the fear is much worse when it comes to our senior loved ones. If you have a senior loved one, it’s natural to be worried for them during this testing time. With proper care and precaution, you can keep them safe from any exposure to the virus and any further consequences. 

How has the pandemic affected senior loved ones?

According to John Hopkins Medicine, senior loved ones (especially those above the age of 60) with pre-existing medical conditions or compromised immune systems are more vulnerable to complications resulting from the coronavirus infection. These pre-existing conditions include lung diseases, heart complications, diabetes, respiratory disorders, and cancer.

A happy senior couple practicing physical distancing

Other than that, this is an incredibly distressing time for senior loved ones living away from their families. COVID-induced anxiety has amplified the already-existing mental health conditions for many senior loved ones. There is a greater need to help them remain connected, safely and distantly.

How to offer social support?

The best you can do for your senior loved one is check up on them as frequently as possible and reassure them that you care. Leave them some home-cooked meals with compassionate notes and letters on the doorsteps. Call them up with sweet little reminders to take their medication. Make sure their medicines and other food supplies are well-stocked. If your senior loved one is dealing with a chronic condition, you should be well-prepared for lockdown restrictions. 


It would help if you distanced yourself from them physically, but not socially. Make the most out of your gadgets to stay connected. Keep your elders involved. We also recommend opting for telemedicine services instead of in-person clinic visits.

Come up with a caregiver plan

If you feel like you’re interacting with dozens of people at work every day, limit your interaction with the senior loved ones. Hire a senior care service to look after them instead. You can even opt for an in-house service for added safety. This will give you the peace of mind that your senior loved ones won’t have to travel to a senior care center unnecessarily. Stay in constant touch with the caregiver over the phone and video conferencing. 

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