How to Choose the Best Senior Care Service for Your Senior Loved One

A senior caregiving service based in Winchester

Taking care of a senior loved one requires kindness, love, and compassion! Although it’s hard to find someone else who would treat them with the same level of love, respect and compassion that you would, it’s definitely not impossible. 

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best service.

What kind of service do you need?

Before choosing a senior care facility, think of what kind of assistance you require for your senior loved one. It would help if you note down your requirements, irrespective of how small or big they are. 

Do you need someone to visit your aging parents for a few hours while you’re at work or a 24-hour caregiver? Do you only want a caregiver to look after the senior loved one’s everyday housekeeping chores and take care of their medication intake? Would you instead want the caregiver to come over to your home, or more comfortable sending your loved one to an assisted living center? 

Your list of requirements would help you narrow down your search and choose a caregiver with the right credentials. 

Two happy seniors in Winchester

Ask questions

Just because another caregiver is looking after your senior parents doesn’t mean you no longer need to remain involved. Choose a caregiving service that agrees to remain connected with you throughout the way. The caregiver should give you timely updates on how your senior loved one is doing and if there’s something that they need—even on weekends and at night.


Ask them to fill you in about their policies, safety guidelines, and the criteria to hire caregivers. Ask them if some of their residents are comfortable asking a few questions about their satisfaction level. Ask the caregivers about their experience in dealing with senior loved ones with dementia if that’s a concern. 

It will also help if you ask the service how they’re dealing with the COVID-19 situation. Make sure they’re doing enough to practice physical distancing and sanitization guidelines. 

Personalized support

Every senior loved one has a different set of needs and requirements. Your caregiver ought to be able to devise a tailored caregiving plan to lend adequate physical, emotional, and medical support. A facility that provides ongoing supervision and training to their staff is always a plus. Invest in a caregiving service that focuses on promoting your senior loved one’s healthy body, spirit, and mind—holistically.

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